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Season Ten Trailer: Friend from the future

Hiya guys I thought I’d write a short chapter on the S10 Trailer that introduces the new companion. Alyssa is also featured. This is a spoiler for the upcoming season of DW in 2017, you have been warned!

Alyssa, the Doctor and their new companion Bill sprint down the corridor away from the number of Daleks that were shooting at them. The red haired woman stopped and turned around. “What is she doing?” Bill asked as the Daleks suddenly stopped unable to move.

“What she does best”, the Doctor replied.

“Doctor, Bill run. Not sure how much longer I can hold them here”, Alyssa said sounding strained. Her powers had grown over the years but even then there was only so much she could do. The Doctor quickly ushered Bill away down the corridor. They ducked into an alcove on the left and waited.

“What's were those things?”

“A Dalek”, the Doctor replied looking out for Alyssa concerned for her wellbeing. He knew that after all these years using her abilities too much still gives her headaches and takes a physical toll on her. 

“A what?”

“A Dalek”, the Doctor repeated.

“What's a Dalek?”

“Never mind. It's a Dalek”, The Doctor was getting worried about Alyssa. “Wait here. I’m going…” he broke off when he heard a loud crash. Moments later the red haired woman ran up the corridor. She leant against the alcove panting. “You ok?” he asked.

Alyssa gave him a tired thumbs up and said “Peachy”

“Ali, the Doctor would explain what a Dalek is to me”

“A Dalek is an alien war machine”, Alyssa said before rubbing her temples.


“Yeah. Feels like the Cloister Bell is ringing in my brain”, Alyssa groaned. The Doctor put his arm around her and she leaned her head on his shoulder. “I want to go back to Sexy”, she mumbled.

“We will soon. I promise”

“I’m holding you to that Spaceman”

The trio tensed up when they heard Exterminate being shouted and a shadow of a Dalek on the far wall. “Fat, though”, Bill suddenly said confusing both the Doctor and Alyssa.

“Sorry?” Alyssa asked.

“It'll never get through that door. It's too wide”

“It's a tank. A tank driven by a super-evolved mutant programmed to wipe out all other lifeforms, so please keep your voice down”, the Doctor explained keeping his voice hushed.

“It's got a sucker on it”, Bill said.

“It's also got a gun”, Alyssa retorted.

“It's got a gun and a sucker? Why? They run out of guns?” the dark skinned woman joked. Alyssa felt like face palming herself. I swear Donna never asked this many questions she thought. Thinking of the ginger woman then brought her mind back to the Scottish girl who waited years for them. I miss you Pond. You and Rory. All the companions they’d had together: Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory and Clara held a special place in her heart. However, none more so than the magnificent Ponds.

“Is there a Dalek out the back with no guns and two suckers that's really hacked off?” Bill asked brining Alyssa out of her sombre thoughts.

“I don't know. I've never asked, because I've always been too busy running away. Now please, shh”, the Doctor said staring to get annoyed with her multiple questions.

“One more question. Why do they keep saying exterminate?”

“Duh they want to kill us”, Alyssa replied crossly.

“Wouldn't it be quicker to just say kill?”

“Do we really want them to save time?” the Doctor asked.

“Good point”, she said realising that it wouldn’t be a good idea. The Doctor pulls something out of his pocket after it beeps.

“What is it?” Alyssa asked as the Doctor read it.

“We need to get back to the future. 2017 needs us”

He takes Alyssa’s hand and they run with Bill close behind. Bolts of blue energy just miss them fly over their heads as they ran. The trio skids to a stop after a Dalek shouts “Exterminate!” they turn around as the Dalek announces “Humanoid detected”

Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill. 

Confrontation part 1

“What do you think?” Alyssa asked picking up a bouquet of assorted flowers labelled Spring Bloom. She was currently in a florist choosing flowers to give to her mother for her birthday which was two days away. The Doctor had insisted on helping her but he wasn't really doing anything of the sort.

"Beautiful”, the Time Lord replied looking at her instead of the flowers. The red haired woman blushed slightly at that.

"Not me. The flowers. You insisted on helping but you've been more of a distraction. I think I'm gonna come back later with Martha”, Alyssa said putting the flowers back. Their dark skinned friend had opted to go visit her family while they were out flower shopping. She turned to go when she felt arms wrap around her waist.

“I'm sorry Ali. I promise to be more helpful”, the Doctor said.  Alyssa shifted slightly in his arms turning her head so she could look at him.

"You mean that?”


Alyssa raised a brow “mm I'm not sure if I believe you”, she said. The Doctor pressed his lips against her's in a quick kiss.

“How about now?”

The woman smiled “definitely”, she replied. Alyssa stepped out of his arms and continued her search for the prefect birthday flowers for her mother. This time the Doctor did help like he promised. Eventually Alyssa settled on the Spring Bloom Bouquet.

“I couldn’t help notice the way the two of you were acting”, Nancy the girl at the till said “you make a rather sweet couple”.


“He is quite a catch”, Nancy commented. Alyssa glanced over at the Doctor who was waiting by the entrance.

“I completely agree with you there”, Alyssa said.

“What were you two talking about?” the Doctor asked when she joined him.

“Just girly gossip”, the woman replied. They left the shop and walked down the street hand in hand.


Ben strolled through the park with no real destination in mind. I wonder if Ali is free. He pulled out his phone and dialled his girlfriend’s number. “I can’t come to the phone right now. Please a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you”

“Hey babe. I was wondering if you were free today. I’m guessing you’re not so I’ll call you again later. Love you”

He put his phone away and continued walking. As Ben neared the fountain in the centre of the park he heard familiar laughing. It was Alyssa she was sitting on a bench presumably laughing at something the man she was sitting with had just said. Ben froze when he saw that it was her lodger, John. He’s just a friend. Ali said so he thought not wanting to jump to any conclusions or come to the assumption that Alyssa was cheating on him. He started to have doubts after Alyssa rested her head on John’s shoulder. Ben watched as they stood up and walked away from him hand in hand.

The possessive part of his mind was screaming at him to go over there and separate them. However, the more rational part of his mind was telling him to calm down and talk to Alyssa later about it.


That afternoon...

"Hello Ben", Sarah said after she opened the door.

"Hi Sarah. Is Ali home?"

"She's out at the moment with a friend"

"Would this friend happen to be John?"

"I don't know. She didn't tell me. You look troubled Ben. Is something wrong?"

"I don't know. Could I come inside?"

"Of course", Sarah said and stepped aside to let him in. "Would you like something to drink?" She asked as they sat down in the living room.

"No thank you", Ben replied politely. "What do you know about your lodger John?"

"He's a nice man. Took care of Ali the day after she found about Lisa being killed. He stayed with her when she had nightmares, you know. Such a thoughtful young man"

"I think Ali's been seeing him behind my back"

"Why would you think that? It doesn't sound like her", Sarah said but she wondered if their lodger and this John person her daughter had fallen in love with at the same person.

"He just seemed almost too friendly with her the day I came over"

"That doesn't mean she's cheating on you with him"

"Sarah I saw them earlier in the park. They were holding hands"

"Again that doesn't mean she's cheating. Look Ben maybe you should be having this conversation with Ali instead of me. She should be back soon. You're welcome to wait"

"Thanks Sarah. Actually I think I will have a drink"

"Tea? Coffee?"

"Coffee please"

Sarah nodded and got up. She headed into the kitchen to make Ben's drink. While she waited, she thought back to the conversation she had with her daughter.


“I've got these feelings for someone. Someone who isn't Ben"


Alyssa hesitated slightly before answering "John. But I shouldn't be feeling this way. It's wrong"

"You are not married to Ben"

"It doesn't matter. Falling in love with John while I'm with Ben still feels wrong. It feels like I'm cheating on him"

"Have you cheated on him?"

"No I would never do that to Ben. I just don't know what to do mum. I'm in love with Ben but…"

"You also love John"

"I do. Don't get me wrong I love Ben I really do but it feels so samey. I guess it doesn't help that he forgets about the lunch dates even when he's the one who arranges it. John has been there for me, we've been through so much together. When I'm with him I'm happy”


Sarah wanted to tell Ben that Alyssa did have feelings for another guy named John but decided against it. It wasn’t her place to tell Ben what her daughter told her in confidence. She took the coffee back to the young man who was waiting in the living room. “Ali shouldn’t be too much longer Ben”, she said handing the mug to him.

Sure enough about an hour later the red head came through the front door announcing her arrival. Ben and Sarah came out into the hall to see Alyssa standing there with John. “Ben? I didn’t realise you were coming over”, she said shrugging off her jacket.

“I came by to talk to you”, Ben said “and you”, he added looking at the man behind Alyssa.

“I’ll leave you guys to it”, Sarah said and quickly went upstairs.

“What did you want to talk to us about?” Alyssa asked sitting on the sofa. The Doctor sat down in the arm chair opposite.

“The two of you. I saw you both in the park earlier holding hands. Ali before our holiday you assured me that you were both just friends”

“We are Ben”, Alyssa said.

“And that’s all you are? Nothing’s changed in that regard”

Alyssa hadn’t been prepared for Ben to confront her like this. She still was trying to figure out the best way to tell him. “About that”, the Doctor began.

“Things have kinda changed Ben”, Alyssa said “we’re a bit more than friends now”.



Alyssa sat by the edge of the water in the Chinese Garden thinking about the latest adventure the three of them just been on. They'd gone to the year 1913 to hide out from the family of blood. The Doctor had to make himself human which was extremely difficult to watch as the process was excruciatingly painful for the Time Lord. Alyssa had got a place at a school as their librarian while the Doctor aka John Smith, was a history teacher. Martha became a maid.

She never expected the Doctor as a human to be remotely interested in her, yet he was.


The Doctor is making a sketch of Alyssa. "Can I see?" Alyssa asked when he finished. The Doctor sat next to her on the sofa and showed her the sketch.

"Do you like it?"

"You've made me far too beautiful", Alyssa said.

"Well, that's how I see you"

"Librarians aren't supposed to be beautiful. I think the world would rather we stopped. Is that fair? That we stop?"

"That's not fair at all", the Doctor said. Alyssa's heart started to beat faster as he brushed the side of her hair. The Doctor slowly leant towards her and softly kissed her.


Alyssa recalled the village dance. She was rather amused that the Doctor wasn't as good a dancer when he was human. She then remembered the vision when they touched the watch together.


The Doctor kissing her in the church during their wedding. It then changed to the Doctor holding his first child while Alyssa watched them from the bed smiling. The image shifted to show the Doctor and Alyssa walking with their three children in the park. The image changed once more, this time Doctor is much older.

"They're all safe, aren't they? The children, the grandchildren. Everyone's safe?" the Doctor asked Alyssa.

"Everyone's safe, and they all send their love, John", she replied sitting on the edge of the bed and taking his hand.

"Well, it's time. Thank you", the Doctor said giving her one last smile before closing his eyes.


"It'll never be like that", she said to her reflection. Alyssa smiled "but I don't care. I love him both human and Time Lord".

Meanwhile the Doctor was sitting in the console room also thinking about their latest adventure. He could still hear the words the Alyssa said to him in the cottage.

"It was never a lie. It was real for me too. I do love you John so much that it's hurting me to have you do this. You probably won't remember I said this but I have to say it anyway" Alyssa took a shaky breath "I love you as both a human… and a Time Lord"

He couldn't believe that she loved him too but there wasn't any way she could have been lying. The Doctor heard the emotion in her voice, her expression as she told him. When she asked him afterward if he remembered, he'd lied and told her that he didn't. Alyssa then took off somewhere in the TARDIS probably to be alone.

"Do you think I should tell her how I feel?" The Doctor asked the TARDIS. He got a hum back in reply and the scanner flickered to life showing him Alyssa sitting in the Chinese Garden. It seemed like the TARDIS wanted him to tell her. He got up from the captain's chair and slowly made his way to the garden trying to figure out what to say.

"Hello Doctor", Alyssa said as he approached.

"Sexy told you I was coming"

"No. I knew it wouldn't be Martha because she doesn't know this place exists. That left you as you're the only other person here"

"Right. Do you mind if I sit with you?"

"Of course not", Alyssa replied and the Doctor did so. They sat there in silence for a bit as the Doctor still thought of what to say.

"Ali there's something I need to tell you"


"I uh like you"

"I like you too", Alyssa said looking at the water instead of him because she'd probably start blushing.

"No, I mean I really like you"

That made her look at him in surprise. Is he about to tell me he loves me? She thought, her heart immediately started hammering at the thought. "I've never really been good at expressing how I feel about anyone especially someone as beautiful and wonderful as you. I have been trying for the past few minutes what to say but I honestly don't know. I'm about 900 years old and I can't even tell you…" the Doctor was cut off in his rambling by Alyssa putting a hand over his mouth.

"Stop rambling and just tell me", she said. Alyssa removed her hand so that he could talk.

"Ali I… I love you", the Doctor said.

"You do?"

"Yes. I said it to you before on the ship that was going that was going to crash into the sun"

"I know"

It was the Doctor's turn to be surprised. "You know?" he asked.

Alyssa nodded "yeah. I took me a while to remember what happed but I finally did", she replied "I suppose now is a good time to tell you that I love you too". Alyssa could feel her cheeks heat up so she ducked her head using her hair to hide them.

"I know, you told me in the cottage"

The young woman looked up at him eyes wide "you told me you didn't remember", she said getting up.

"I had a good reason", the Doctor said getting to his feet as well.

"Enlighten me then"

"You're human"

"And?" Alyssa asked taking a step forward forcing him to take one backwards.

"You deserve to be with a human. Someone you can spend the rest of their life with you"

Alyssa shook her head "no"

"Ali it doesn't matter how we feel about each other. A time lord and a human? It couldn't work"

"Why not? I don't care if you have to hearts. Or lived 9 centuries. Or has an amazing box that is bigger on the inside", she said and with every sentence she took one step forward making the Doctor go backwards. Alyssa noticed that he was perilously close to the water's edge. She smiled at him before giving him a light push. The woman laughed as he fell into the pond.

"What was that for?" the Doctor asked coughing. Alyssa just shrugged.

"I don't know. I just felt like it"

"Well, do you want to help me out?"

"I suppose I should. I did push you in", Alyssa said. She went to the edge and held out her hand, stretching as much as she could. The Doctor grabbed her hand and pulled her in. "I guess we're even now?" she asked after surfacing.

"Yep", the Doctor replied. Alyssa looked at him soaking wet and started laughing. The Time Lord grinned and laughed too. "Come on we better get out of the water before you catch a cold", he said wading to the edge and hauling himself out.

"Won't you get sick?" Alyssa asked as he helped her out.

"Maybe. I haven't gotten in a long time", he replied.

"I'm starting to think that wasn't a good idea pushing you in", she said shivering. The Doctor got out his screwdriver, pointed it upwards and pressed the button. Immediately the air around them got warmer. "Mm that's better", Alyssa said sitting back on her hands, closing her eyes and enjoying the warmth.


"Yes Doctor?" she asked opening her eyes. The Doctor reached over and pushed a strand of her red hair behind her ear.

"I love you"

"I love you too", she said placing a hand over his pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Missouri explains

The rest of her spring break was thankfully supernatural free. Abigail spent the remaining days with her parents catching up. They didn’t mention Taylor that much as she asked them not to. Abigail didn’t tell them the truth about what she was doing in Rockford, she just told them that she’d ran into some friends. All too soon her break was over and Abigail was on her way back to Ankeny.


“Oh I’m sorry”, Abigail said when she bumped into someone outside the campus library.                     

“It was my fault. I was trying to get my bearings”, the blonde girl said. She was holding a campus map.

“Maybe I can help. What are you trying to find?”

The girl told her “That’s my sorority house. It’s not on campus”, Abigail said “are you going to be staying there?”

“That is the plan”

“Well I’m heading back now, I could give you a lift if you like?” Abigail offered.

“That would be great thanks”

“By the way I’m Abigail Cameron, but you can call me Abi if you like”, Abigail said holding out her hand.

“Meg Masters”, the girl said shaking her hand.

“Living in my Sorority house is pretty fun. Some Fridays and Saturdays can be a little crazy with the partying”, Abigail said as she drove “I don’t really join in that often, not really big on the drinking. There are single rooms and shared. Both have their own bathrooms and there is shared kitchen for all the members. It’s not too expensive for the rent”, Abigail explained. Well here we are”, she said after pulling up outside the building “I’ll give you a tour”. She took Meg inside and led her around the house introducing her to some of the other girls that were around. “This is my room and that’s the adjoining bathroom”, Abigail said showing her.

“Do you have a roommate?” Meg asked noticing the extra bed.

“I did but she graduated early”, Abigail replied “so what do you think?”

“I’m definitely going to stay here”


“Would it be too much to ask to stay in the house for a few days? Get used to it”

“It’s not a problem. You can stay with me”

“Thank you Abi”, Meg said.

“Your welcome. I’d better go find some spare bedding”, Abigail said and left the room. The second she left Meg’s eyes turned black and she smiled.


“What are you doing Abi?” Meg asked from where she sat on her bed.

“Just emailing a friend. He’s on a road trip with his brother”

“He? Is he your boyfriend?”

Abigail turned from the computer “No. Sam Winchester is cute but we’re just friends”, she replied.

“How did you two meet?”

“We met in high school. He was only there for an month and then years later I ran into him here of all places”

“Small world”


“Whats his brother called?”

“Dean. No offense Meg but whats with the questions?”

“I’m just curious. Is it ok to ask questions?”

“I don’t mind”, Abigail replied. She glanced at the screen and saw she had a new message. The woman clicked on it “ah good”


“Sam just replied”, Abigail said picking up her phone and started dialling.

“I’ll leave you to it”, Meg said and left the room.

“Hello?” Missouri said answering the phone.

“Hi Miss Mosley, its Abigail Cameron. You may not remember I but we’ve met years ago and I believe a couple of my friends visited you recently. The Winchester brothers?”

“Yes I remember you Abigail. I assume Sam told you what I said to him”

“He did. Listen we need to have a talk about that”

“Of course”, Missouri said. The two arranged to meet up the next day as Abigail didn’t have any classes then.


~the next day~

“Good morning Missouri”, Abigail said after the woman opened the door.

“Good morning Abigail. Come on in”, Missouri said moving aside to allow her entry.

“Your home is still lovely. I can’t remember is anything has changed but…”

“Abigail why don’t we get straight to the reason of your visit”, Missouri suggested. Abigail nodded and sat down on the sofa next to the woman.

“When you told Sam I was unique what did you mean by that?” Abigail asked.

“You’re a one of a kind Abigail Cameron”

“What am I?”

“You are a star, a fallen star”, Missouri said “I know you don’t believe me Abigail”

“Well it’s kinda hard to believe. Do you have any proof?”

Missouri got up left the room. She came back a short time later carrying a box. “Your mother gave this to me when you and she visited all those years ago”, she said holding it out. Abigail took it from her. “Katherine said it was in the crater with you the night you fell”, Missouri added. Abigail turned the box over trying to see if it jogged anything. The box was made of wood and didn’t appear to have any seams in it.

“I’m sorry Missouri I don’t…” she broke off when a memory hit her.


Abi’s POV

A man and a woman appeared at the top of the crater looking down at me. When the man got into the crater I wasn’t afraid. I got the feeling he wasn’t going to hurt me at all. “It’s just a girl”, the man said carefully picking me up. I didn’t resist for one moment “You always wanted a daughter”, he added when he got out.

“I did. She’s beautiful. Are we going to take care of her?” the woman asked. I hoped that they would take care of me. I was relieved when the man said yes. He looked down at me and smiled.

“Do you remember what we were going to call our child if we ever had a daughter?”

“Abigail. We were going to call her Abigail”, Katherine replied.

“Welcome to the family Abigail Cameron”


Abigail blinked confused. “What did you see?” Missouri asked. She noticed that the young woman had gone really quiet just staring down at the box she’d given her.

“My parents. I remembered when they found me”, Abigail replied. “Why did my mother give you this?”

“She wanted me to hold onto it for safe keeping. I was going to give it to you at the right time”

“And I’m guessing that wasn’t today”

Missouri shook her head “no. it was supposed to be on your 22nd birthday”

“Well it’s not that far away Missouri. If I’m this fallen star shouldn’t I give abilities or something?”

“I suspect so. But honestly I don’t know”

“But you knew what I was when you first saw me all those years ago. How?”

“I sensed something different about you. Then I got this flash on an image when Katherine gave me the box”

“What did you see?”

“Star falling to earth and crashing in your parent’s garden. I think it was residual energy left on the box”

“I’m sorry that I’m asking you a billion questions…”

“You don’t need to apologise Abigail. This is a lot for you to take in”

“That’s an understatement”, Abigail said. They continued talking, Missouri answering Abigail’s questions the best she could. In the end the young woman had some knowledge of what she is even if she didn’t fully understand it.

“You’re welcome back here anytime Abigail”, Missouri said as she led her to the front door.

“Thanks Missouri and you can call me Abi if you like. Most people do”, Abigail said.

“Alright. Abi” 

Hiya dudes and dudettes! 

Its that time of year again where you gather around the Christmas tree and open up all your presents. In my case open them up while trying to keep two excited huskies at bay.

Then lunch will be a big roast dinner and afterwards pulling crackers that paper hats and really bad jokes. 

So Merry Christmas 2015 and may 2016 be even better!
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